History of Sanjari International College (SIC) Campus

Our main campus is located in Adams House, a historical building that dates back to Georgian times when it was part of the Anchor Brewery. It is officially a grade II listed building which is in other words a Building of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. Together with the connected Charrington House, it forms the only remaining structures of the building that dominated the local area for over 200 years. The original building site was established by Robert Wastfield and Joseph Moss in 1757. In 1766 John Charrington bought share in the business and made "Charrington's" a family business. The family run business was on its peak by 1830 s providing turnover of millions. The business along with the family was highly respected for its contribution to the local community. Spencer Charrington was elected MP for Mile End in 1885. In the 19th century the traditionally successful family business took a new turn when Frederick Charrington took over. Frederick, the new generation heir to the business was an extraordinary man with remarkable ideas. He questioned the morality of producing and selling alcohol. With extra great passion for the human kind, he was not naturally very keen in expanding the Brewery business. Instead, he decided to devote his life to the Temperance Crusade, a social movement originated in the late 18th and early 19th centuries urging reduced or prohibited use of alcoholic beverages. Temperance movements typically criticize excessive alcohol use and promote complete prohibition of alcohol. Unable to continue with the hugely successful brewery business, the new owner of Charrington dedicated his life for uplifting the poor in London's East End. That was the beginning of the end of the legacy of the historic family business. In 1957, the brewery celebrated its two-hundredth anniversary. Withstanding several changes to the operations and management, the Brewery was unable to perform well. As new technological innovations made its way to industries across Britain, it became necessary to upgrade the traditional transport means of horse carts and modernise to motorised vehicles. The planning permission for the building to upgrade the old and ageing infrastructure was declined. The year 1975 marked the end of the Charrington's, when it stopped its production at Mile End Road. After much speculation, extensive demolition and refurbishment, decision was made to make the site their company headquarters. Subsequently, Anchor House was inaugurated by the Lord Mayor. By 1994, after the decline and closure of the Brewery, the Anchor Headquarters were up for sale in the market. The listed structures of the great historic building were acquired by Adams Solicitors, a leading and renowned law firm in London. Under the new management, the new building went through extensive renovation work. The restoration project was mindful of keeping the distinctive period features of the historic building. The magnificent building has since been known as Adams House, which is the home to Sanjari International College.


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