Living Cost

London, like many other cities has a reputation for being expensive, but if you are a student and enrolled with a college you can actually live in London surprisingly cheaply. There are lots of discounts available in stores and restaurants, many of the museums and art galleries are free for students. The living expenses of individual students vary considerably according to personal circumstances and choice. You must have sufficient funding in place before enrolling on your course. It is important to consider the real costs involved and underestimating this figure could have a negative effect on your studies.

As a rough guide, the following estimates for the academic year 2013-14 reflect the minimum you might expect to spend to live in reasonable comfort. Estimates cover accommodation, food and travel within London but exclude tuition fees.

Expenditure Monthly Weekly
Rent £520 £120
Water/Gas/Electricity* £70 £15
TV Licence* £4  
Personal Insurance £10 £2
Mobile Phone £40 £10
Travel £74** £19**
Food £215*** £50***
Household/Toiletries £48 £12
Leisure & Entertainment £105 £25
Clothing/Footwear £40 £10
Total £1126 £263

* These costs are roughly based on three people sharing a property.
**The travel costs are based on the cost of a Zone 1 & 2 Travelcard, purchased with a student Oystercard. For more information of fares visit the Transport for London website.
***The cost of food is based on someone buying and preparing their own food. The average cost of a meal is £5–6.
For more detailed information on living costs, please visit the British Council website.

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