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The education system in the UK has over many years rightfully become the envy of the world for the generation of progressive philosophers, engineers and scientists, of all disciplines; producing world changing ideas and developments that has enabled the UK to prosper in the geo-political market place. Education has provided the passport to enable many to aspire and achieve. For some students the driver is the thirst for knowledge for others the means to understand industry, science and commerce to enable them to pursue a successful career within their field of interest and study.

Higher education requires experiential learning to be part of the overall learning experience coupled with the academic excellence that brings about critical thinking and the ability to visualise problems and solutions.

At Sanjari International College we assist in the development of these skills enabling students to transfer them into an industrial or business context when they have completed their studies. Successful higher education enables students to see the world market with a new perspective, to forge links and to promote their country and organisations.

Michael Scott

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