Recent Developments

As we continue develop and grow as an institution, we are going through an exciting time of positive changes. Since February 2013, the college has seen significant institutional changes:

The Learning environment:

Moodle: The College is going to implement a new strategic learning environment (SLE), including a new virtual learning environment (Moodle). It is expected to have a positive impact on students and staff. The Moodle platform and associated SLE developments will provide the College with progressive developments in learning, teaching and assessment.

Library: The library has been upgraded with an additional 3,000 books. All major texts as specified by the respective awarding organisations has been sourced through priority budget allocation.

Computer and ICT: The learning facilities have been enhanced with an addition of 30 new computers with more effective networking facilities for students.

Student engagement:

College Student Union: The students have elected College Student Union Officials. The Union works with the College for a better educational experience and representation on various committees

Student Representative: In addition to union officials, there are also student representatives from every class elected by the class members.

Student Mentors: From 2014-15 onwards, the College will appoint Student Mentors, who will be available to provide primary support to fellow students with any issues.

Latest News

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